Android Xiaoxiang Application (Fully Programmable Version)

Android (Fully Programmable Version):

Please make sure you have uninstalled the previous version before starting the steps below.

1. Download the Xiaoxiang application from the following page.

Scan the QR Code for the direct download.



2. Install the application. You may have to configure the permission settings on your phone to allow this application to be run.

3. Ensure that your battery pack is wired correctly.

4. Ensure that the Bluetooth module is present and plugged into the BMS. Note that you must grant the application access to the device’s location.  Select "While using the app"


5. Your BMS should be immediately listed in the available devices. Click on the device. Wait momentarily while the app connects to the BMS.


6. The application will display a dialog window that allows the user to set the nominal capacity and the cycle capacity.


7. The basic info for your BMS should now be displayed.

If the software is asking for a password try 123456.  This can be changed in the software later.

Please let us know if you have any questions or issues.